Michael Sander 13saitige Gitarre

I build high-quality guitars and lutes, using premium woods to create instruments that have a character all of their own.

Handcrafted in my workshop, they combine a clear, natural aura with a well-balanced, vibrant and colourful tone. In terms of appearance, the focus is firmly on functionality, with subtle decorative elements providing the perfect finishing touch.

I also make historical instruments and love searching through all the available sources (literature, pictures, plans, surviving instruments, etc.) so that I can understand and be guided by the old masters’ intentions. Equally, I take a keen interest in the latest developments in areas such as acoustics. But my primary inspiration comes from the musician’s performance needs.

I offer a variety of tonewoods, e.g. spruce or cedar for soundboards, or maple, cherry, walnut, yew, rosewood, padauk, cypress, etc. for bodies, which I use to tailor the instrument to your requirements.

I also have a selection of parts, from which we can choose what suits your own tastes and needs. The machine heads, for instance, come from the likes of Klaus Scheller, Schertler, Gotoh, Rubner, Reischl, Alessi and Rodgers.

The pegs come in various shapes and woods and I can also supply patented pegs with integrated gearing, e.g. by Pegheds. I am also more than happy to handle special requirements or help you develop new ideas (e.g. special neck widths, cutaways, instruments with more than 6 strings, special scale lengths, left-handed models or customised designs).

Projects to build custom-made instruments or develop completely new, special-purpose ones are welcome too – like the ten-stringed ‘bowed lute’ I built to accompany the ALMA MIA VOCE vocal ensemble. I listen to what you want from your instrument, draw on that input in my work and provide you with the ideal ‘tool’ for turning your musical ideas into reality.

I like to take time to discuss my clients’ requirements with them – ideally in my workshop, where there are also a number of instruments to try out. If you’d like to pop in, just give me a call or send me an e-mail so we can arrange a visit. I look forward to it!

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