Michael Sander 13 saitige Gitarre Web Large

I build high-quality guitars and lutes, using premium woods to create instruments that have a character all of their own.

Handcrafted in my workshop, they combine a clear, natural aura with a well-balanced, vibrant and colourful tone. In terms of appearance, the focus is firmly on functionality, with subtle decorative elements providing the perfect finishing touch.

I also make historical instruments and love searching through all the available sources (literature, pictures, plans, surviving instruments, etc.) so that I can understand and be guided by the old masters’ intentions. Equally, I take a keen interest in the latest developments in areas such as acoustics. But my primary inspiration comes from the musician’s performance needs.



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    • 13chörige theorbierte (Schwanenhals-) Barocklaute

       Verkaufe 13chörige theorbierte (Schwanenhals-) Barocklaute von Gerhard Söhne Modell nach Hans Burkholtzer Baujahr 2005 Mensuren 70 cm/ 100-120 cm...

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