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I repair and service guitars, lutes and other similar instruments with expert care and a keen awareness of the characteristics that make each instrument special.

If your instrument is in need of repair, I’d be happy to take a look at it for free and discuss what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

I draw up binding quotes once I’ve seen the instrument but the following price list serves as a guide (all of the prices include 19% VAT)

Hourly fee € 45,-
Guitar stringing ab € 25,-
Fretboard cleaning ab € 15,-
Construction of a nut or saddle, made of bone ab € 50,-
Bridge modification to improve the instrument’s intonation by means of  a freely adjustable (bone) bridge saddle (FABS) ab € 200,-
Fret dressing ab € 80,-
Refret (single fret) ab € 35,-
Full refret ab € 200,-
Historical lute refret (gut) ab € 60,-
Broken headstock repairs ab € 45,-
Crack/ broken bar repairs (with glue) ab € 40,-
Bridge regluing ab € 35,-
Mounting machine head ab € 45,-